Good Women – Good Men Will Do Anything For You

Good Women - Men will do anything for them.

“For Good Women – Good Men will do anything and risk everything.”

Good Women – Good Men – Many are coming to understand that it truly is a dangerous world that we live in, so the question is: How do we find safety?  Do we find safety in a distant and impersonal government, or rather in each other?

Surely we ought to be able to better trust the people around us, but social-trust in our fractured society is at all-time lows…  Finding stability in our current fragile environment and building better trust with those around us requires that we each strive for personal improvement ourselves.  Get better at being good.  Better women give men the incentive to be better themselves, (and vice-versa.)  Good men then rise up and fight against the evil that oppresses women. In times past, “manly” men saw it as their duty to defend “feminine” women. If women make themselves to be better women; i.e. “good women”, they’ll produce many more great men.

But wasn’t it worse in the past?  Yes, and no.  Yes, our ancestors were much more poor relative to us today, and they were subject to diseases that have long since been eradicated by modern medicine.  Furthermore, with no emergency medicine, a simple cut or even accidental fall could end up being fatal.  However in a very real way, our past ancestors had it better too.  Life was simpler then in one key way: Women knew what it was to be women, and the more they excelled in their feminine roles, the more they were “good women.”  Likewise, the men knew what being a man was all about so, with zero confusion in the matter on either side, both men and women strove to be best that they could be.

Getting back on track.

To strengthen society and the family today, we need a revival of a more traditional manhood and womanhood.  We can save the world by joining with others who are also striving to live better than they did the day before.  They are adding beauty to their lives, seeking out the pure, the simple, the good, and accentuating that wherever possible in day to day life.  They are pulling themselves up, and then pulling others up with them.

Stand up on your own two feet and fight against what is ugly, apathetic, and evil.  Become the men and women that your ancestors would be proud of today.

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In Time of Peril – Fugitives – 1897

Edmund Blair Leighton – 1852-1922 – English , Victorian Romanticist painter

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