Graciousness – SMILE, HOPE, & LOVE.

Graciousness Smile Hope and Love

 Graciousness – SMILE, HOPE & LOVE.

Graciousness, if we encounter it, is that touching quality in someone’s life that affects us deeply.  The world is full of so much that is dirty, broken, and vulgar.  So many hurting, lost souls, who will just as soon yell in your face for a perceived fault, as push you over into a ditch if it means they can get ahead in the rat-race of life.

But “graciousness”, how precious!  Someone who treats you with respect at all times, with kindness if you fail, and patience when you disagree?  This is the precious quality of rare person, but it needs to become more common if we’re going to make the world a better place to live in.

Choose to put a smile on your face. Have hope for a better tomorrow.  Love the people around you in life.  Make the world a little bit better every day.  It will take some time, but don’t ever lose heart: By treating others kindly, you are touching people deeply, you’re planting seeds into their hearts, and you’re making difference that will one day bear more and more fruit.

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The Goose Girl – Adolphe William Bouguereau – 1891

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